Http query builder android phones

Adds a search filter to the query. If more than one filter is added, they are combined with and Filter, Filter. Skips MatchAllFilter. This method was deprecated. Paging is not supported. Sets the SortOrder to be used to sort the query results. Use SortOrder.

Builder to build the sort order as required. Multiple calls to this method resets the sort order set in previous calls. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Home Guides Reference Downloads. Package Summary ads. Inter-operational packages. Builder extends Object. Public Constructor Summary Query. Builder Query query Creates a new builder with initial values from an existing query. From class java. Object clone. Builder Query query. Creates a new builder with initial values from an existing query.

Builder addFilter Filter filter. Builder setPageToken String token.

The Best Android Phones

Set the page token to retrieve the next page of results. Parameters sortOrder the order to be used to sort the query results.Hunting down the best Android phone for your needs is hard work.

It's easy to get swayed by a pretty handset design or a convincing salesperson at a retail store. Carriers might tempt you with an affordable month payment plan. But before you make an ill-informed impulse buy, read up. From the bottomless pit of phone choices, we bring you our favorites—including our top picks, the Pixel 3A and OnePlus 7T. You can find all of our latest buying guides here. We recommend unlocked phones in this guide.

When you buy a phone directly from your wireless carrier, usually on a payment plan, it often comes locked to that network. Carriers are legally required to unlock a phone upon request so you can switch networks, but it's a big hassle.

Try to pay full price for your phone, or make sure it specifically says it's unlocked. If that's too expensive, opt for a cheaper model, buy it from the manufacturer directly, or investigate your carrier's policies for unlocking phones. Verizon and Sprint Tips: Buying an unlocked phone is smart it is! To find out if your phone works on Sprint, use this page. Verizon users, if you put in your SIM card but still have trouble receiving text messages or something else, contact customer service and have them enable "CDMA-Less roaming.

The steps should be similar for other phones. You'll also see lots of ads encouraging you to upgrade to a 5G plan and buy a 5G phone. Yes, you do need a new phone that supports 5G to make use of the new network we have a guide that explains it allbut at the moment 5G is still sparse, only available in certain areas of a handful of cities in the US.

Our advice? Think about 5G for the phone you buy next in two years or morenot for the one you're upgrading to now. It has cameras that match almost any device out there, and they take advantage of Google's Night Sight mode, which makes it possible to take night shots and selfies that actually look great. It also has a classy polycarbonate body, which is cheaper but more durable than glass.Marks a method in a Dao annotated class as a query method.

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The value of the annotation includes the query that will be run when this method is called. This query is verified at compile time by Room to ensure that it compiles fine against the database. The arguments of the method will be bound to the bind arguments in the SQL statement.

Room only supports named bind parameter :name to avoid any confusion between the method parameters and the query bind parameters. Room will automatically bind the parameters of the method into the bind arguments. This is done by matching the name of the parameters to the name of the bind arguments.

At runtime, Room will build the correct query to have matching number of bind arguments depending on the number of items in the method parameter. For SELECT queries, Room will infer the result contents from the method's return type and generate the code that will automatically convert the query result into the method's return type. For single result queries, the return type can be any data object also known as POJOs.

For queries that return multiple values, you can use List or Array. In addition to these, any query may return Cursor or any query result can be wrapped in a LiveData. If it is a longthe value is the SQLite rowid of the row inserted by this query. Note that queries which insert multiple rows cannot return more than one rowid, so avoid such statements if returning long.

If it is an intthe value is the number of rows affected by this query. Since Reactive Streams does not allow nullif the query returns a nullable type, it will not dispatch anything if the value is null like fetching an Entity row that does not exist.

If there is a mismatch between the query result and the fields of the POJO, and as long as there is at least 1 field match, Room prints a RoomWarnings. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Android Developers. Summary: Methods Inherited Methods. Query Kotlin Java.

Http query builder android phones

From interface java.The Nokia 6. This model offers a bright, vibrant, 6. It has a sturdy glass and aluminum design, capable cameras, and great performance. Its rear-mounted fingerprint sensor is fast, and the phone includes an NFC sensor for contactless payments. Its p screen is brighter and more vibrant than those of other phones in this price range, and the slim bezels give you more screen real estate in a smaller body than the Pixel 3a.

If the Nokia 6. It has a modern design with a large edge-to-edge screen and an in-display fingerprint sensor, and it works on all networks regardless of whether they use CDMA or GSM technology. Its 6. But the Nokia 6. The Nokia 2. This phone has a light, durable, plastic design, but at roughly half the price of the Nokia 6. It just lacks flagship perks such as wireless charging and waterproofing. I use and review more phones every year than most people will own in their entire life.

Good smartphones have never been cheaper. For less than a third of the price of a flagship phoneyou can get a phone that does almost as much, minus a few fancy features such as water resistance, wireless charging, or a curved screen. Budget phones are excellent for someone getting their first smartphone, especially kids and teenagers, or for the terminally clumsy.

More important, you can use unlocked phones on prepaid mobile virtual network operators MVNOs. These low-cost carriers operate on national networks but tend to have more data-usage restrictions or calling limits.

Premium phones still have a place, though. Flagship models provide much better screens and cameras, more built-in storage, water resistance, wireless charging, faster processors, speedier charging, and better construction.

If you expect to play high-end games, multitask, or shoot photos and video on a regular basis, a flagship phone will serve you better.

Inexpensive phones from small companies are also more prone to security issues.


Budget-device makers have less control over the manufacturing and supply chain, so hardware and software partners can intentionally or unintentionally introduce malware into a device. A more reputable budget-phone maker with a strong US presence and retail operation can deal with any security issues swiftly. Here are the things we look for in a phone before recommending it:. The camera performance is above average for a budget phone, but not as good as that of the Google Pixel 3a and Samsung Galaxy A The hardware inside the Nokia 6.

The 6. Many budget phones have plastic bodies, but the Nokia 6. The p LCD of the Nokia 6. The low-light performance is good enough to capture usable photos in moderately dim indoor conditions, too. As on more expensive phones, with the 6.

Although the Nokia 6. Those phones support 15 W and 18 W charging, respectively, whereas the Nokia 6. If you need an affordable Android phone that works on CDMA networks like Verizon, or if you value a great screen over great software, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is a better choice than the Nokia 6.

The Galaxy A50 crams a bigger, more vibrant display into a more compact package than the Nokia 6. In addition, the A50 has a few more bells and whistles than the Nokia 6.This method was deprecated in API level This method's signature is misleading since no SQL parameter substitution is carried out.

The selection arguments parameter does not get used at all. Given a set of subqueries, all of which are SELECT statements, construct a query that returns the union of what those subqueries return. To avoid confusion, callint, java. String, java. Sets the cursor factory to be used for the query. You can use one factory for all queries on a database but it is normally easier to specify the factory when doing this query.

Sets the projection map for the query. The projection map maps from column names that the caller passes into query to database column names.

Http query builder android phones

This is useful for renaming columns as well as disambiguating column names when doing joins. For example you could map "name" to "people. If a projection map is set it must contain all column names the user may request, even if the key and value are the same. When set, the selection is verified against malicious arguments. When using this class to create a statement using buildQueryString boolean, String, String[], String, String, String, String, Stringnon-numeric limits will raise an exception.

If a projection map is specified, fields not in that map will be ignored. To summarize: To get maximum protection against malicious third party apps for example content provider consumersmake sure to do the following: Set this value to true Use a projection map Use one of the query overloads instead of getting the statement as a sql string By default, this value is false.

Sets the list of tables to query. Multiple tables can be specified to perform a join. Quicknav Quicknav. Results Loading Added in API level 1. Perform a query by combining all current settings and the information passed into this method.

Object clone Creates and returns a copy of this Object. Compares this instance with the specified object and indicates if they are equal.Dream Tree flourished around two turns, winning Saturday's Grade 1 Starlet. California officials "are confident" 46 horses perished due to fires at San Luis Rey Downs. Well-known racing industry types are stepping up to help the San Luis Rey Downs victims.

Http query builder android phones

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All the documents were very professionally produced and extremely helpful in providing us with the best advice regarding routes and attractions. Generally a seamless experience. I would highly recommend Nordic Visitor for those planning self drive tours in Iceland. This trip was above and beyond. I'm not used to being on a guided tour, but I was pleasantly surprised. The next trip I do, I would probably prefer a private tour, but either way this trip to Iceland was amazing.

Iceland is not only a wonderful country to tour with friendly people but the services and detailed personal itinerary provided by Nordic Visitor, made our visit one of those lifelong memorable occasions. The spiral bound notebook and vouchers were great. I wish the large book could have been made available before the trip as didn't want to spend the trip reading up on the various sites, but would have liked to have that information prior to coming to Iceland.

The gps unit provided with the rental car was rather dated and difficult to use. We mainly just used it to be sure we were on the correct road - so it was valuable in that respect. Appreciated that the driver was there on time to pick us up from the airport (he also gave us helpful hints about driving in Iceland) as was the transport from Thrifty to take us to the car rental.

We booked this tour of Iceland as our honeymoon. Most people in the USA book tropical vacations, however we wanted something adventurous and more memorable.

Iceland and this trip exceeded our expectations in every way. The country is incredible and words cannot describe its beauty.

We were so thankful for the maps and printed out information. This was the trip of a lifetime and if money permits, we'd LOVE to come back someday. The self-driving tour planned for us was everything I'd hoped, with a wonderful range of destinations and accommodations throughout.

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In every case, arrangements were what we would have chosen, had we planned this trip ourselves. Iceland is such a hidden treasure we'd never known about and are happy to share our experiences with others and encourage them to visit your wonderful country of breath-taking natural wonders.

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